Yeli is a Romanian fortune teller and Ernst's wife. She along with Ernst were formerly prisoners of Viktor's mansion, she was able to escape with the help of Ernst who sacrificed himself by acting as a decoy. She later encountered private investigator Roland Childs who she had met earlier during her imprisonment and begged him to save Ernst, she believed Roland's lie and fled from the mansion.

Rise of NightmaresEdit

Yeli boarded the train and presumably planned to return to the mansion to look for Ernst. She unexpectedly meets Josh whose ticket slipped into her cart, she gives Josh a brief prediction regarding his marriage and eventually the grim fate that awaits him along with everyone else onboard. Ernst, now transformed by Viktor as the masked juggernaut attacked the train and kidnapped Josh's wife, Kate. Yeli was able to recognize her transformed husband and pleaded to him to stop to no avail, she and Josh follow him but catches a glimpse of Viktor right before the train derails. She survived the derailment and journeys further into the forest.

Yeli is later seen again helping Josh who is currently in Ernst's body by preparing a ritual that would send him to the dream realm where he would confront Viktor in order to regain his body. Josh defeated the dream Viktor and finishes him off with a dagger, but wakes up in real life and realizes that he has stabbed Yeli. With Josh already regained his body back, the dying Yeli tells his that Kate and his unborn child are at the altar and must defeat Viktor's wife Mary in order to save them, she helps him one last time by repairing Azoth. She snuggles over the husband's body and finally dies alongside him.

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