RoN mansion

This ancient mansion is a major location in Rise of Nightmares serving as the home of Viktor Fleischer, where he secretly conducted his demented experiments to resurrect the dead.

Located deep within the rural forest of Romania, the exact origins of this mansion and whoever owned or built it remains a mystery. During his investigation in the mansion, private investigator, Roland Childs, discovered a treasure trove of secret documents and ancient tools, such as letters from Nietzsche, a secret blueprint by Nicola Tesla, copies of Hermetica, studies on Gnosticism, ancient alchemy instruments, and the strange musical instrument armonica. Childs theorized that the mansion's purpose was to research and develop the field of supernatural sciences during the war.

At some point in time, Viktor Fleischer eventually discovered this mansion and the secrets it hold. Being the ideal place to secretly advance his research of raising the dead, he took up residence here and disappeared from the public. As Viktor begins to dangle into the dark arts of alchemy, his madness grew and begins to kidnap and perform inhuman experiments on the numerous victims he lured into his mansion, tormenting them to extract their O Zhuvindo (life force) and turning them into living corpses fitted with mechanical parts.