Secret Events are a series of numerous events that are required to be witnessed by the player in order to achieve the "Sharp-Eyed Traveller" achievement. There are a total of 12 secret events throughout the course of Rise of Nightmares.

List of EventsEdit

Act 1Edit

  • After washing your face and reading the note from Kate move along the first train carridge until you see an open conpartment on the left. You should comment on the female student traveling alone.
  • At the end of the carridge go through the first door and look through one of the the windows on the right. You should comment on the weather.
  • At the end of the second carridge go through the first door. When you try and open the second door the train will jolt and a woman (Jane) will bump into you. When she's finished talking look at her from behind. You should comment on her curves.
  • Move along the third carridge until you see an open conpartment on your left containing 2 soldiers. they comment on you being an American.

Act 2Edit

  • After the cut scene you will start in the wrecked train. Duck under the wreckage infront of you and look to your left. You should see the ticket collector get swept away by the river.
  • After the next cut scene you will start off in a cave. Turn around to look at the man sat on the floor behind you.

Act 3Edit

  • When you see the man get electrocuted take the key from his neck and unlock the door. Turn right and look through the bars on your left. You should see a man get squashed by spikes.
  • Pass through the bedroom into what appears to be a dressing room. Infront of you is a rack of clothes/dresses. Move closer to the to see the look icon. You should comment on the ugly dresses.

Act 4Edit

  • From tape 7 head across the courtyard/garden to the far right corner. Move close to the well for your next look opportunity.
  • Follow the man/dog to his lab where there will be a short dialog. After he has finished speaking you can look at him and he will say something about his heart not being on ice.

Act 6Edit

  • Head round the corner to the well you looked in earlier and look in for a second time.

Act 7Edit

  • After the cut scene, make your way across the floating platforms until you reach the woman in a red dress (Mary) and a baby crying in a cot. Look at the baby before interacting with Mary.

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