Sacha and Tasha were a pair of somewhat snobby Russian ballerinas, and (arguably) identical twins. They boarded the train, VMC 64 on their way to a musical concert. Josh first encountered them on the train where Tasha was blocking Josh's path as she was stretching her leg, Sacha told him to crawl from below. Josh proceeded to bypass the twins by crawling on the floor, much to their amusement.

They both survive the train wreck, taking refuge at a cemetery near the mansion along with Aaron. The twins were later captured and subjected to Viktor's inhuman experimentation, altering them into a pair of deadly ballerinas awaiting for Josh's arrival at the underground stage, mocked up as a ballet performance overseen by Viktor's wife, "Mary". They come across as arrogant and bratty, and are prone to arguing amongst themselves when something goes wrong, as seen when the player dodges their dual attack.

The nightmare realm revealed the twins' dark thoughts, they secretly despise each other, thinking one another as liabilities and that they would consider going their separate ways.


  • It is very likely that their costumes during their boss fight are based off of the two pivotal characters, Odette and Odile, in the ballet Swan Lake.