Romanian officer
Portrayed By
Full Name
Officer death

The Romanian military officer, along with his colleague, Odessa, boarded the train together heading for an unknown destination.


The officer and Odessa first encountered Josh when he stumbled across their cabin, the officer shrugged him off while Odessa continued to read his newspapers. Upon hearing the commotion across the cart, the two went to investigate, only to come face to face with the masked juggernaut, Ernst. The two tried to subdue him with their pistols, only for Ernst to retaliate by stabbing the officer with his harpoon and then dismembering him.

The officer and Odessa's backgrounds are further explored in the dream realm, revealing that the officer wasn't able to save some people in Chechnya. Convincing himself that they died not because he was a coward, but that his gun jammed and wouldn't have been able to saved them anyway.

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