Roland Childs was a private investigator assigned to track down Viktor who was rumored to be somewhere in Romania, he also created several tape recordings to document his findings during his investigation.

Rise of NightmaresEdit

Having originally planned on retiring from being a private investigator, Roland was approached by a woman representing the Thomas Foundation who requested him n their behalf to locate one of their ex-employees, Viktor Fleischer in exchange for a substantial fee, which he gladly accepted as his last job. Roland arrived in the forest located somewhere in eastern Europe where Viktor was rumored to be, he felt dread once he had seen the forest due to the rumors circulating about it being cursed as well as its known history of misery and bloodshed.

Roland joins his guide Dorin and made their way over the mountain trails until they came across crude yet eerie grave markers. Dorin panicked and quickly fled, things became worse for Roland as the map left behind by Dorin was nothing but a scrap of paper and was forced to travel blindly further into the forest. While attempting to find his way out of the forest, Roland came across numerous disturbingly defiled corpses that seems to have been brutally butchered. Roland came across an ancient and decrepit graveyard, and found an entrance to an underground chamber. He enters the underground chamber, only to find several corpses fitted with strange mechanical parts laid on pedestals. Shortly after recording his findings, the corpses came to life and attacked him. Roland punches one of them straight in the face and quickly fled from the chamber.

Roland ventures further into the forest while wielding a semiautomatic pistol he brought along in order to protect himself from the altered.


  • Roland could be considered an equivalent to Roger Howard from Dead Island, as both characters share similar roles in each of their perspective games.