Portrayed By
Full Name
Iveta (love interest)
Odessa death

Odessa was a Romanian military officer who, along with his comrade boarded the train together heading for an unknown destination.


Odessa and his comrade first encountered Josh when he stumbled across their cabin, his comrade shrugged him off while Odessa continued to read his newspapers. Upon hearing the commotion across the cart, the two went to investigate, only to come face to face with the masked juggernaut, Ernst. The two tried to subdue him with their pistols, only for Ernst to retaliate by dismembering his comrade, much to Odessa's shock. Shortly after, the train suddenly derails, Odessa and most of the remaining passengers managed to survive. After he and the other survivors managed to made it across the rapids, he shouted at Josh to run across the train's wreckage before it collapses. After Josh made it across the wreckage, they witness it being carried by the rapids and went to the cave to rejoin the other survivors.

With no way of contacting anybody, the survivors are at a loss. Peter, one of the surviving passengers, decided to go into the forest on his own. Odessa tried to follow, but was stopped by Gregor, warning him that the forest is cursed and that it would be dangerous. After hearing Peter's screams, the survivors decided to venture further into the cave with Odessa voluntarily leading the way. They followed the path within the cave, until falling down from a slope into a swamp. While making their way across the water, Odessa felt something grabbing his foot and was suddenly dragged down presumably to his death.

Odessa and his colleague's backgrounds are further explored in the dream realm, revealing that he intended to quit his job in a month, marry a woman named Iveta and then start his own business, "Odessa's first mobile carpet cleaner," confident that it would make him rich.

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