Max is a young German punk with a shaved head, headed to the rave with the others. Foul-mouthed and hot-tempered, Max is the first to shout and curse when things start going wrong. He survives the train wreck, taking refuge in a cave along with the other survivors. After Peter was presumably killed by an unknown creature, Max, along with Monica, Lin, Odessa and Josh decided to venture further into the forest in hopes to find help. All of the fell into a slope that sent them to a nearby swamp where Odessa was pulled underwater by an unknown creature, Max and the others quickly swam to reach land. The remaining four proceeded further into the forest, coming across ravaged corpses and a cemetery where the were reunited with Aaron, Sacha and Tasha. Max was captured along with Josh, both being tortured by their captor, Viktor Fleischer. Max pleaded to the mad doctor to release him, promising that his parents could get him anything he desires. The doctor declined, citing that he has everything he needs. Viktor proceeded to decapitate Max's right and delivers a killing blow by hacking Max's head.

Max, along with Monica were later reanimated and altered into nothing more then a pair of marionettes awaiting for Josh's arrival at the West Tower. Unable to control their own actions, Max and Monica were controlled as puppets by the Jesters. Despite his personality, he shows some wit in the battle, using misdirection tricks to better get the drop on the player. Unlike Monica, he shows little remorse in being pitted against Josh.

In the nightmare realm, it was revealed that Max and Monica were involved in a relationship. Although in reality, Max was actually exploiting her naivety and planned to use her for smuggling his contraband into the United States.