A tertiary character is a character whose purpose and significance are little. Throughout the game, Josh would encounter several of them moments before they meet their gruesome demise.

Train passengerEdit

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This unnamed passenger was encountered by Josh when he tried to find Kate on the other side of the cart. The cart's passengers had just been slaughtered by Ernst under the orders of his master Viktor. This passenger was the last one alive as he made it to the door just as Josh was about to open it, only to be dismembered by Ernst's harpoon.

Electric chair victimEdit


One of Viktor's unfortunate prisoners, this man was locked up in a cell and bound to an electric chair, unable to do anything but to call for help. Josh and Gregor were forcibly left to go through this man's cell through a large hole on the wall in order to proceed. Unbeknownst to them that the same hole was actually rigged with a sensor that was set to activate the electric chair. Once Josh made it inside the cell, this man was instantly electrocuted to death, Gregor felt that they were purposely led to witness this man's death. Josh discovered a key around this man's neck and used it to unlock the cell door.

Strapped victimEdit

RoN strapped victim

One of Viktor's unfortunate prisoners, this man was locked up in a cell and strapped to a bed. With Josh and Gregor unable to do anything, this man continued to scream for his inevitable fate as spikes proceeded to slowly descend down and impale the unfortunate man.