Key items are items that are required for unlocking doors or the fixing of machines, and aide in the progression of the story. Despite the name of the term, key items are not always keys and may be other items.

List of key itemsEdit

Obtained in
Letter icon Letter Found on Kate's seat. Act 1
Key icon Small key Found around the neck of the electric chair victim. Act 3
Key icon Metal door key Found in a bloody toilet. Act 3
Key icon Ancient key Found inside a mutilated corpse. Act 3
Necklace icon Necklace Found on the table of the secret room. Act 3
Bonelever icon Bone lever Found underneath a pile of skulls. Act 3
Key icon Shed key Found inside a wooden barrel located by the fountain. Act 4
Heart icon Encased heart Found implanted on a bio-mechanical Altered. Act 4
Lever icon Electric lock lever Given by Marchosias after helping him. Act 4