Besides the Altered, the player will face several hazards in Rise of Nightmares, many of which consists of traps and other things that cause harm, kill or hinder the player's progress.

List of HazardsEdit

Aaron and Katja death Wall trap Two walls that crush anyone trying to enter Viktor's lab. Faced in Acts 0, 4, 6.
RoN rapids Rapids While crossing the train's wreckage, Josh will have to keep his balance due to the rapids or he will drown. Faced in Act 2.
MiPf663A98kC8xMjDWD1EtoMc8zNIvZ7 Leeches After emerging from the water, Josh and the other survivors will find several leeches on them that needs to be shaken off. Faced in Act 2.
RoN guillotine Guillotine trap Large guillotines on the corridors going up and down repeatedly. Faced in Act 3.
RoN cockroaches Cockroaches Voracious cockroaches that are located in several locations, such as lockers and barrels and will swarm Josh if disturbed. Faced in Acts 3, 4.
RoN spinning blade Spinning blades Large spinning blades that are installed vertically and horizontally, dismembering anything in their path. Faced in Acts 3, 4.
RoN explosive crate Explosives crates Large red crates that contain explosive material, explodes upon impact. Faced in Act 3.
RoN spiked wall Spiked walls Numerous sharp spikes placed on the dungeon walls. Faced in Act 3.
RoN electrified water Electrified water After activating the circuit breaker, the puddles of water around the dungeon will be electrified. Faced in Act 3.
RoN wall spear Wall spears Spears that are quickly shot out of holes in the wall, and so Josh must act fast to avoid them by crouching down. Faced in Act 3.
RoN armonica Armonica If the frequency meter goes over the green line, the Armonica will create a harmful noise that requires Josh to block his ears. Faced in Act 3.
RoN iron maiden Iron Maiden Three of these Medieval torture devices are located in the torture chamber, only the wooden one will lead to the other room, the rest will cause death. Faced in Act 3.
RoN gas tank Gas tanks Large gas tanks that explode upon impact. Faced in Act 4.
RoN statue Gold statues In order to access Azoth, Josh must "offer a prayer" to these four gold statues by posing. Failing to do so will result in the statues burning Josh alive. Faced in Act 4.
RoN alchemic seal Alchemic seals Alchemic seals are placed on doors that prevents Josh from unlocking them, only Azoth can break them. Ernst also uses them for protection. Faced in Act 4.
RoN floor spear Floor spears Spears that are installed on the floor behind doors and in the hallways, impaling anything in their path so Josh must quickly dodge them. Faced in Acts 3, 6.
RoN chandelier Chandelier A large chandelier placed above the mansion's staircase in the main hall. Josh must quickly avoid it or he will be crushed. Faced in Act 6.