"I'm out of surgery. My left arm is a machine now. I touch my head with it. I get a little blood on it. Or is it a bit of my brain? It makes me smile. I feel fantastic. Waking up feeling this way, it's like the joy of a newborn baby realizing that it's alive. Viktor gave me the joy of a new life. I am reborn, and I want to shriek in joy. Before, I was so very afraid. From the moment I was born, I lived in terror. It is all gone now. So is vague unease, the fear of death, the sadness of parting, hatred-- all those feelings are gone. People need to know this. They must revere the man named Viktor and be touched by his divine gift. To learn the joy of being more than human. Yes, Glory to Viktor! Glory to Viktor! Heil Viktor! Heil Viktor!"
Detective's Tapes #21


Make your way over to the right corner of the garden and enter the small shed/stable. The tape is in the room from which you had earlier released the man/dog. (Act 6)

Follow this video walkthrough for more details: