"If you are listening to this, you're likely in the same plight as me. They've finally caught me. Pitiful shrieks of pain and despair echo from the cells all over. It's clear that no amount of screaming will conjure any help. I know when I'm beaten. The stench and fatigue are tearing down what resolve remains. I now think he knew all along that I'd snuck in. Why did he let me wander free? Why did he wait to catch me? I hear footsteps coming. It must be Viktor. He's going to operate on me, I'm convinced of it. I'm going to become one of "them." I won't allow that. Please, God, may you have mercy on my soul for taking my own life."
Detective's Tapes #20


You will return to the large circular prison area that was in Act 0. Use the switch to unlock the cell doors, the tape is in the end cell close to the switch. (Act 4)

Follow this video walkthrough for more details: