The MansionEdit

"Letters from Nietzsche, a secret blueprint by Nicola Tesla, copies of Hermetica, studies on Gnosticism, ancient alchemy instruments, the strange musical instrument armonica... This place is a treasure trove of documents and evil tools that would have historians and collectors drooling. The field of supernatural sciences was briefly revived during the war, but it has been treated with ridicule since. It seems it has lived on in this horrific place. If the mysterious Rosenkreuzer were to have a home, this could very well be it. It's simply ideal for conducting evil experiments, after all. Viktor chose this place as his home for good reason."
Detective's Tapes #13


Leave the room with the pool of blood and head outside. You should now see Ernst circling the fountain in the middle of the garden. Move forward until you reach the steps on your right hand side. The tape is up these steps infront of the double doors. (Act 4)

Follow this video walkthrough for more details: