Report 1Edit

"When I took this case, I had a colleague in Salzburg do up a report on the man named Viktor Fleischer. I scoured it once again for insight. Born in Switzerland. Both parents died under mysterious circumstances when he was a child. Adopted by the Thomas family. Attended university in Ingolstadt where he graduated at the top of his class in both chemistry and biology. After working as a researcher for the Thomas Foundation, he went independent to conduct his own studies. The foundation continued to lavishly fund his studies, which were rumored to include such questionable endeavours as superhuman abilities, rejuvenation, and eternal life. None of the rumors have been verified, however. That said, those are the sort of things the super-wealthy always take as interest in."
Detective's Tapes #10


When you encounter Ernst on the staircase, wait for him to leave then go downstairs. Go to the right of the staircase and hidden behind the pillar in the corner is the tape. (Act 3)

Follow this video walkthrough for more details: