Stench of DecayEdit

"There is a vile, revolting stench. A draft carries the thick, sour air through this underground area. Its bite makes it painful to even keep one's eyes open. If there were an outhouse in Hell, it must reek of putrefaction like this. There are corpses strewn here and there. There are survivors begging for help, but even I can tell they're far beyond it. The lord of this mansion is behind this madness. He captures people and subjects them to demonic surgery to satisfy his dark desires. There can be no other explanations. The lord of this mansion... Could it be Viktor, the man I'd been pursuing?"
Detective's Tapes #08


Pass through the room with the spinning blades, up the stairs and along the corridor. To the left you should see a door with an electrified handle. To enter the room you must first go around the corner and smash a crate to reveal the switch that turns of the electricity. Enter the room and the tape is straight ahead. (Act 3)

Follow this video walkthrough for more details: