"I emerged from the forest and found an ancient, crumbling mansion. From a collapsed wall on the east end, I managed to make my way inside. This wasn't the sort of place where one simply strolls up the front steps and rings the doorbell. A gracious host won't be there to greet you, either. The wrongness of this place is palpable. Malevolent and quite insane. Is Viktor, my quarry, here? The blue moon casts its gaze on the intruder, cold and inhumane. Its wan light only disturbs my already racing heart. Sweat, perhaps thickened by fear and by curiosity, crawls down my brows as if it were blood. I can rely on nothing here but this old semiautomatic pistol. I can't even remember when I fired it last. I checked that the clip is seated again, and grip it hard to suppress the creeping terror."
Detective's Tapes #07


At the start of the act go up the stairs and turn left. Head past the screaming woman and into the room on the left with the open doorway. The tape is in this room along with lots of test tubes. (Act 4)

Follow this video walkthrough for more details: