Mutilated RemainsEdit

"I arrived in an ancient and decrepit graveyard, and found an entrance to an underground chamber. Judging by its advanced state of disrepair, it must be 500 to 600 years old. But there were signs the chamber had seem recent use. There were several corpses laid on pedestals. Though they were decomposed, they do not appear to have been there long. They also exhibited signs of extensive surgery that was purely the stuff of madness. They were all fitted with bizarre mechanical parts. It was as if the corpses were treated as toys, or as if they were being turned into macabre clockwork dolls. Just now, there were loud noises coming from the next room over. I will go investigate. I pray that this won't be my last entry."
Detective's Tapes #05


In the basement you should come to a room with 4 corpses. The tape is on a shelf to the left. (Act 2)

Follow this video walkthrough for more details: