The Sinister ForestEdit

"We--being myself and my Romanian guide-- had been wending our way over mountain trails when we came across crude yet eerie grave markers. Upon seeing them, my guide turned and fled while spitting out curses in his native tongue. The map he left is nothing more than a scrap of paper. It would be useless even for lighting a fire. I am utterly lost. While attempting to find my way out of the forest, I came across numerous disturbingly defiled corpses. While ravaged by the elements and decomposition, the corpses all showed cuts that appeared deliberate. One was dismembered as tidily as if it were cuts of meat at a butcher shop. What happened here was no accident. Nor was it a crime of passion. The sick fun of a psychopath? Or rituals, perhaps, of some lunatic cult?"
Detective's Tapes #03


Continue along the path until you see the fortune teller. When she walks away the tape should be on the floor near where she had been standing. (Act 2)

Follow this video walkthrough for more details: