In Eastern EuropeEdit

"The forest here are deeper and darker than even the Black Forest in Germany. This oppressive place has a cursed history of misery and bloodshed. If it weren't out of necessity--work, in my case--no one would choose to visit such a forbidding land. Find a man who suddenly went missing--that's the job. My last as a private investigator. It's brought me to this desolate corner of eastern Europe. I can't be done with this case soon enough. Ah, to be back in London! It would take beer by the gallon to wash out the gloom of this place. The pilsner the locals drink just doesn't agree with me. Call it weak, call it lukewarm, there's nothing better than the ale they serve at the shabby old pub on Old Street. When this case is done, I'll be done with this whole sordid business. A better job. I'll find it."
Detective's Tapes #01


Towards the end of the dining car on the left is a small kitchen area with a serving hatch. Go round the back to find a door and enter the kitchen. The tape is on the counter to your right. (Act 1)

Follow this video walkthrough for more details: