Main CharactersEdit

  • Josh (Voiced by Gideon Emery)

The main protagonist of the game, on vacation in Romania with his wife, Kate. He has a drinking problem, and it is threatening his marriage. He survives the train wreck, and begins searching for his wife, who was kidnapped by Ernst at the behest of Viktor, a deranged mad scientist. He is the character the player controls for most of the game, in one form or another.

  • Kate (Voiced by Amy Ellenberger)

Josh's wife, who was on vacation with him in Romania in an attempts to patch up their failing marriage. She becomes angry upon catching him with a hip flask after he promised to stop drinking, and storms away, leading to the events of the game. She is kidnapped shortly after, before the train derails. Most of the game is spent searching for her. She has something she needs to talk to him about.

  • Yeli (Voiced by Thea Mercouffer)

A Romanian fortune teller, who predicts Josh's fate on the train. She inexplicably survives the train wreck, and immediately heads for the mansion, unknowingly leading the frightened survivors right to the hell she had once escaped. She was a prisoner there in the past, but was aided in her escape by an unnamed detective. Yeli is the wife of Ernst.

A pair of somewhat snobby Russian ballerinas, and (arguably) identical twins. They both survive the train wreck, only to vanish, and reappear as the undead stars of a dual boss-battle, mocked up as a ballet performance. They come across as arrogant and bratty, and are prone to arguing amongst themselves when something goes wrong, as seen when the player dodges their dual attack. They are the first real boss encounter, overseen by Mary.

  • Jane (Voiced by Mary Birdsong)

Jane is a British psychiatrist. Mild-mannered and quiet, she is smart and uses it to her advantage, though she questions herself at times. She survives the train wreck, reappearing in the mansion, only to be captured and taken away by Ernst. She reappears to become an undead threat, insisting upon her state of life, even as her mutilated body and inexplicable abilities argue to the contrary. Unlike the others, her alterations are mostly mental, and she is unaware of what has happened to her, continuing to question it throughout the battle. Her quiet demeanor conceals a repressed, carnal nature.

The Rave GroupEdit

A group consisting of four teenagers who are traveling to Eastern Europe looking for a rave rumored to be taking place there somewhere:

  • Monica (Voiced by Jessica DiCicco)

A blonde, naive American girl, headed to a rave with her friends, Max, Katja and Aaron. An intoxicated Josh turns his attention to her while arguing with Kate, causing her to leave and triggering the events of the game. She survives the train wreck, only to be decapitated shortly afterward. She is the first meaningful survivor casualty, and later returns as a puppet-themed boss alongside Max. She alternates between mockery and apology throughout the battle, insisting that the two are being controlled. She and Max were involved, and she (mistakenly) believed he cared about her.

  • Max (Voiced by Mike Vaughn)

A young German punk with a shaved head, headed to the rave with the others. Foul-mouthed and hot-tempered, Max is the first to shout and curse when things start going wrong, and plunges himself heedlessly into danger. He is captured with Josh, tortured, and murdered, only to reappear as a half-mechanized undead with Monica later in the game. Despite his personality, he shows some wit in the battle, using misdirection tricks to better get the drop on the player. Unlike Monica, he shows little remorse in being pitted against Josh. He has no real feelings for Monica, and planned to use her to smuggle contraband into the U.S.

  • Aaron (Voiced by Jon Curry)

A German man with stringy brown hair, headed to the rave with the others. He is the first character the player controls, in the 'Chapter 0' tutorial before the beginning of the game. He unwillingly fights his way through the dungeon in attempts to find a way out for himself and Katja, only to walk into a crushing trap when they finally reach the apparent end. Not much is seen of his personality. Like the others, he survived the train wreck, and reappeared with Sacha and Tasha outside the mansion, before everyone is captured.

  • Katja (Voiced by Ann Christine)

A dark-haired French girl, headed to the rave with her friends. She survived the train wreck, only to be captured and locked in the dungeons with Aaron. She is the first other character the player comes across, and urges Aaron to find them both a way out. She suspects the trap before they trigger it, but notices the masked monster gesturing to them from outside the recently-dropped gate. She panics, failing to realize the significance of that, and runs right into it anyway, taking Aaron with her. She was well aware of Max's true nature, but never mentioned it.

  • Peter (Voiced by Jim Ward)

Peter is a Romanian businessman onboard the train. He survives the train wreck and joins the group in the cave but he will not stay with them and he leaves. It is unknown what happens to him.

  • Lin (Voiced by Zinnia Su)

An Asian girl who attended school in Europe at her parents request, she later dropped out of school to explore parts of Eastern Europe. She survives the train wreck and joins the group of survivors.

  • Gregor (Voiced by Fred Tatasciore)

Gregor is an elderly man who is riding to train but does not like traveling through the cursed forest as he is very supersitious. Gregor survives the train derail but will not go with the group and instead stays in the cave where they originally met. He is eventually seen again when he saves Josh from being killed and they try to escape together. Gregor dies when a blade from above breaks him in two.

A pair of Romanian generals who were also on board the train. One of them has brown hair and the other one has blonde hair. The backgrounds of the police officers are not quite clear, but in the nightmare realm the blonde one mentioned something about not being able to save some people in Chechnya. Convincing himself that it was not because he was a coward, but that his gun jammed and couldn't have saved them anyway. The one with the brown hair of wants to quit his job in a month, marry a woman named Iveta and then start his own business, "Odessa's first mobile carpet cleaner." When Ernst is sent to capture Kate, the two officers attempt to stop him. The blonde officer orders him to halt but is killed by Ernst. When the train derails the brown haired officer survives but as he and the group are traveling through a swamp he drowns by some underwater creature.

The train's conductor. Josh meets the conductor when he asks him for his ticket in one of the cars. Josh accidentally drops it into Yeli's compartment. After Yeli predicts Josh's and he hands the conductor the ticket, the conductor states that the fortune tellers always predict doom and gloom but nothing happens. When the train derails the conductor is seen holding onto the side of a wrecked car and he falls off into the river and drowns. The nightmare realm revealed that the conductor wanted the train to derail.

A private detective assigned by the Thomas Foundation to locate their former employee somewhere in Romania where a series of mysterious disappearances occurred. He is the main protagonist in the graphic novel.


A mad scientist with an interest in states of life and death, and the main antagonist of the game. He has Kate kidnapped, and is responsible for the deaths and transformations of most everyone in the mansion, in pursuit of an ultimate goal. He has great plans in mind, for Josh and his wife both, for very personal reasons.

The masked juggernaut, and Viktor's most trusted servant. He was dispatched to kidnap Kate and derail the train. He was once a prisoner in the mansion as well, but unlike his wife, he failed to escape. Instead, he became one of the most powerful of Viktor's warped experiments, and one of the most frightful. The helmet he wears severely obstructs his vision, but Ernst makes up for lack of sight with an inhumanly keen ear, which allows him to detect people in the area from just their movements. When he appears, Josh is forced to either flee or freeze, to avoid a rather gruesome death at his hands. Eventually, you have to fight him--but he isn't quite what he seems, something Josh will come to understand.

  • Mary (Voiced by Kristina Klebe)

Viktor's wife, and supporting antagonist. Like the others in the mansion, Mary was subjected to her husband's strange curiosities, and has been transformed herself, and driven mad as a result. Seen only at a distance, she leads Josh through the mansion, and orchestrates several boss battles. However, she is not what she appears--and her plans are even more personal than Viktor's are.

The head of a somewhat obese British man, attached to the body of a small dog. 'Fido' (as Josh calls him) was a servant of Viktor, until his master decided to take his head off his body and remove his heart, locking him in a shed. Fido promises to help the player in return for freedom and his stolen heart, which he needs to animate his real body. He has a polite, if not somewhat effeminate, manner about him. He reappears later and plays a rather surprising role.

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