Azoth room

The room where Azoth was stored.

Azoth is a mystical weapon obtained by Josh in Act 4. Shortly after defeating the altered Max and Monica, a ghostly Mary appeared before Josh and ranted at him, Mary later retreated to a portal which Josh entered, leading to a secret room. He completed the secret room's trial by doing a pose similar to the statues and unlocked a secret chamber, leading him to Azoth. As he interacts with it, it suddenly attached itself to Josh's left arm.


Charging AzothEdit

To start charging, hold up your left arm up in front of you, and touch your elbow with your right hand.

Firing AzothEdit

Once charged, thrust your left arm forward to fire a powerful alchemic blast.

Breaking SealsEdit

Azoth also has the power to break alchemic seals.

Azoth's EnergyEdit

Azoth's energy is limited. However, it does regenerate over time.


  • During Act 5, Kate will ask Josh about the Azoth.
  • Azoth was considered to be a universal medicine or universal solvent sought in alchemy.