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The Altered, also referred as the Creatures are the primary enemies encountered in Rise of Nightmares, they are reanimated corpses created by Viktor Fleischer to serve as his undead servants.

RoN Altered

They were once humans who were forcibly subjected to Viktor's demented experiments to extract their O Zhuvindo (life force). Viktor would later transform their bodies through the use of extensive surgery and the dark arts of alchemy, turning them into mindless meat-puppets that now roam his mansion grounds. Though the creatures still maintain some of their human senses, such as memories, feelings, and any sorts of humanity shortly after transformation, they have no free will to control their own bodies and their mind would eventually deteriorate in time, leaving only a desire to feed on the living.

These creatures are shown to be different from traditional undead in other ways - while Zombies are usually stopped dead with a shot to the head or the removal of it most if not all of the Altered in Rise of Nightmares can survive, and continue actively to pursue Josh, after having their heads decapitated. The only to kill them is to completely dismember their bodies until they drop dead. The Altered displayed little intelligence, though they are capable of complying to their master's bidding.


The Altered are rotting, undead corpses bearing drastically visible scars as a result of Viktor's inhuman tortures. Most of the creatures seem to wear ragged clothing that presumably belonged to them when they were humans, however some of them even wore many unique outfits such as, a nurse's uniform, a maid's dress, an ancient cultist overall, a formal dress, a guard's uniform, a chef's outfit.


All of them are all fitted with odd-mechanical body parts which they use primarily as weapons, however some of them also have different attack methods, such as spitting acidic vomit to obscure the player's vision, blowing themselves up through the use of the strange vat implanted in their abdomen, shocking the player using the electricity surging through their body, or create powerful rantings.

List of AlteredEdit

C20110822 ron 39 o Male Altered #1 A blonde long-haired male Altered. This variant is the first altered encountered by Josh.
RoN zombie2 Male Altered #2 A blonde short-haired male Altered.
RoN zombie 4 Male Altered #3 A bio-mechanical male Altered.
RoN zombie 6 Male Altered #4 A bio-mechanical male Altered that is equipped with a knife arm.
RoN zombie3 Male Altered #5 A bio-mechanical male Altered that is equipped with a stun rod.
DP7x67paQVs95J923KD2JGJ71rUz4mnm Male Altered #6 A bald male Altered that wears a black suit and tie.
Ron11 Male Altered #7 A bald male Altered with a hatchet impaled on it's body.
RoN zombie 5 Female Altered #1 A blonde long-haired female Altered that wears a black dress and hat.
Ron03 Female Altered #2 A female Altered that wears a black dress and hat.
606288 20110905 640screen035 Female Altered #3 A short-haired female Altered with a pair of mechanical arms.
RoN zombie4 Vomiting Altered (male) A male Altered that vomits grotesque green liquid.
110907 02l Vomiting Altered (female) A female Altered that vomits grotesque green liquid.
423618031 Altered Nurse An Altered dressed as a nurse.
Ron27 Altered Surgeon An Altered dressed as a surgeon.
423618500 Altered Maid An Altered dressed as a maid.
UI8OvVZ8SZHhuiQbdq369bKT8W28M85O Altered Chef An Altered dressed as a chef.
Riseofnightmares090611015 Altered Torturer An Altered dressed as a torturer.
Mask zombie Masked Altered An Altered wearing a sack on it's head.
Ron12 Banshee A unique Altered dressed in a formal dress. They are capable of emitting a painful wail that can be blocked by covering the ears.
Ron20 Time bomb Altered An Altered implanted with a time bomb which is triggered by taking damage. One of this variant carries Marchosias' heart.
RoN cultist zombie Altered Cultist Scantily-clad male and female Altered covered with ritualistic tattoos and wearing three types of strange masks.
RoN zombie5 Altered Guard #1 A bio mechanical altered wearing a guard's hat.
RoN zombie 7 Altered Guard #2 A male altered wearing a guard's uniform.