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Act 2: The Survivors is the second act in Rise of Nightmares. It takes place shortly after the aftermath of Act 1.


  • In the English version of Rise of Nightmares, the subtitles provided for the Romanian and Russian dialog spoken in the game are only listed as "Speaking Russian", "Pleading in Romanian" and "Speaking Romanian", while the Japanese version provided actual Romanian for the subtitles.
    • Conductor: Ajuta-ma! Nu pot sa ma tin. Atunec, grabeste-te! Te rog, nu stiu sa innot! Te rog! (Help me! I can not keep it. Hurry up! Please, I can't swim! Please!)
    • Odessa: Stai! Unde crezi ca te duci? (Stay! Where do you think you're going?)
    • Gregor: Opreste-l! Doar stii ce e acolo! (Stop it! You just know what's out there!)
    • Gregor: Pamantul asta e blestemat. Nimeni nutrebuie sa plece pana la rasarit. (This earth is cursed. No one has to go until sunrise.)
    • Odessa: E doar o superstitie... (It's just a superstition...)
    • Gregor: Dumnezeu sa te ajute. (God help you.)
    • Sacha: Eto ne dolzhno bilo proizoiti. U nas zavtra muzikalni konsert. (This should not have happened. We have a musical concert tomorrow.)