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Act 1: The Train is the first official act in Rise of Nightmares. It takes place aboard the electric train, VMC 64, introducing the game's cast of characters.


  • In the English version of Rise of Nightmares, the subtitles provided for the German and Romanian dialog spoken in the game are only listed as "Speaking German" and "Speaking Romanian", while the Japanese version provided actual German and Romanian for the subtitles.
    • Gregor: Te tii de Vodka, amice? (Are you holding Vodka, buddy?)
    • Yeli: Nu. Nu. Nu. E mai grav decat am crezut. (No. No. No. It's worse than I thought.)
    • Max: Der ist ja so alt wie mien Vater (He's as old as my father)
    • Odessa's comrade: La o parte! Ce naiba e asta? (To your side! What the hell is that?)
    • Odessa's comrade: Stai pe loc! (Stay still!)
    • Odessa: Futu-ti... (F**k...)
    • Yeli: Ernst... Ernst! Stui ca esti tu! Nu te pune nimeni sa faci asta! (Ernst... Ernst! I know its you! Nobody wants you to do that!)