Act 1: The Train is the first official act in Rise of Nightmares. It takes place aboard the Train, introducing the game's cast of characters.


  • During Josh's meeting with Yeli, her tarot cards depicted several characters that was already and will be encountered by Josh in the game, as well as foreshadowing the exact nature of the characters on each cards.
    • "The Lovers" features Monica, Max, and Mary. The card foreshadowed Monica and Max's relationship as lovers in the later part of the game, thought the true nature of their relationship is the exact contrast to Yeli's statement. Mary most likely represent Viktor's love to be reunited with her.
    • "The Fool" features Aaron and Marchosias in his dog form. The card likely represents Aaron's reckless actions during Act 0, such as unintentionally releasing the creatures and walking into the wall trap that resulted in his and Katja's deaths. Marchosias being there either represents him for foolishly being devoted to Viktor or Josh foolishly aiding him to regain his body.
    • "The Magician, referred here as The Alchemist" features Viktor, who Josh would encounter by the end of the act. The card likely represents Viktor's true nature of delving into the dark arts of alchemy.

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